Girl walking along wall. 09-29-07
Today was my first low key day since I arrived. We had lunch in a typical Rwandan neighborhood with Vicky’s friends Rita and Chrysologue. I napped on their couch, photographed Bessie the cow, and talked religion and politics with Pastor Francis who lives next door. Then Rita and I lounged on the grass by the church, while children played around us; thoughtful, playful, considerate, well behaved. No fights, arguments, or screaming, nor any parents.

Girl at Door. 09-29-07

The kids here are different than the kids in the United States. I don’t see Rwandan children havingthe sense of entitlement their counterparts do in the U.S. They listen, are respectful, and want to help. They don’t have that, “what’s in it for me,” attitude.Statistically, child abuse is also lower here than in otherparts of the world.What do Rwandan parents know that western parents don’t?

Looking up at girl. 09-29-07

Kier’s kid. 09-29-07

You can make a difference in the lives of these children and others. I encourage you to consider giving to the Itafari Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, and help support their extraordinary work. You can give directly through their secure website, or send a check to: Itafari Foundation, 27 El Greco, Lake Oswego, OR97035.USA.      MurakozeCyane! (thank you very much)

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