In Rwanda the primary mode of transportation is two of feet, two legs, and the need to get from here to there. Come to the country and you will see people walking everywhere; all times of morning, day, and night. The loads they carry are diverse and the attachment point is the typically the top of the head. There you will find baskets of food, full burlap sacks of potatoes, firewood, pipes, 5 gallon containers of water, you name it. Yesterday I saw a man with a queen sized wooden bed frame on his head – slats included – walking down a busy street in Kigali.

Woman carrying bananas on her head.

Woman from the eastern province of Rwanda.

Emmanuel’s favorite aunt, #2. 10-02-07

Musician at New Road Productions, recording studio (article below).

Friend of Ezra

Rwanda is a very religious nation, and praying is an integral part of everyday life.

Man praying

“You looking at me?”

The look

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