El Toro and L’Athletique d’Haiti players on field at soccer match in Pétionville, Haiti.

The larger paths of history are often unrecognizable at origin.  November 10th, 2012, may have been one of those times. The question remains – will the moment be seized now or later.  Either way change is inevitable.

It took Boby Duval, Haiti’s biggest champion for dignity of the impoverished, and his foundation L’Athlétique d’Haiti, 15 years to arrange this soccer match.  The poorest children, from the most disenfranchised slum of Haiti (Cite Soliel), played together with children from families of Haiti’s most elite. Kudos to the families of the El Toro team for their foresight and courage to join with Duval in an effort to begin mending cultural barriers in the country.

L'Athletique d'Haiti goalie kicking ball at soccer match with El Toro, in Pétionville,Haiti.      El Toro goalie kicking ball at soccer match with L'Athletique d'Haiti, in Pétionville, Haiti.

This match is a shining beacon of hope for the future of the Haiti.  An opportunity for the country to heal and thrive in the future.

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