Makindu Children’s Center functions as a community resource facility, providing training and guidance in nutritional, agricultural, and health concerns, including HIV/AIDS education and awareness.MCC isdedicated to empowering those they serve, helping them become independent, self sufficient, and valued contributing members of society.

Nursery chlidren gather in front of Makindu Children's Center

The program is a day resource facility, where children can come for food, bathing, recreation, and emotional and crisis intervention support.  Typically, the orphans live with elderly grandparents or distant relatives in “guardian” homes.Their houses are generally mud huts with thatched roofs, without such basics as running water, electricity, or cement floors.  This girl shares a one room home with three other children and two adults. Pictured here is one half of the house.  Recently, MCC has added a nursery center where younger children can be dropped off for the day while guardians attend to work and other needs.

Around the globe, children love to swing

Two of MCC's nursery children.

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