The Itafari Foundation, in cooperation with Assist – Rwanda (a local NGO), as well as the Rwandan government, have partnered up for a first of its kind  goat demonstration project.  They are raising and distributing goats to cooperatives of child headed households.  Together the children will breed and sell goats to support themselves and have a viable business to lift them out of subsistence poverty.

Emmanuel Shamakera – Assist – Rwanda, and Victoria Trabosh – Itafari Foundation.
Emmanuel and Vicky at goat farm sign. 10-02-07
One goat can make a tremendous difference in the life of a Rwandan child.
Bingo the goat. 10-02-07
Two goats go even farther.

Two goats touching heads. 10-02-07

In Portland I photograph fundraising events for Itafari.  I never leave without buying a goat. In the last two years I’ve bought 8. Today I had the opportunity to visit with them, face to face. Making a small monetary donation is much easier, and cleaner, then helping to build the goat pen.

Goat pen - wide. 10-02-07

Building goat pen. 10-02-07
At $25.00 each, a goat is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a child that has so little compared to us. I would like to ask you to please consider helping support this extraordinary work the Itafari Foundation is doing, .  You can give directly through their secure website, or send a check to Itafari Foundation, 27 El Greco, Lake Oswego, OR97035.USA

It’s people like us, and the Billy Goat, that make it all happen.Billy Goat. 10-02-07

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