Emmanuel Shamakokera, is the national director for Assist Rwanda. An organization dedicated to helping young Rwandans in difficult circumstances overcome adversity and rise above the challenges in their lives. He is described by his associates as one of the hardest working people they know, devoting most of his waking hours to the youth of Rwanda.

Still Emmanuel finds time to stay in touch with his family. Yesterday we spent the day touring goat farms in the eastern province of Rwanda, a two and a half hours drive from Kigali. Mid-afternoon, while traveling from one site to the next, Emmanuel asked if we minded a quick stop to meet his mother and favorite aunt.

Emmanuel and his mom.

Emmanuel and his mom. 10-02-07

Bath Time – Mom bathes two grandchildren in the company of a baby goat.

Bath time - Emmanuel’s mom baths grandchildren in company of baby goat. 10-02-07

All clean!

All clean. 10-02-07

Emmanuel’s favorite aunt.

Emmanuel’s favorite aunt. 10-02-07

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