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Children and Orphans

/Children and Orphans

Orphans and Vulnerable Children – Rwanda

Shelter and food are provided for orphans by the non-profit, OVC-Rwanda, in Kigali. There are an estimated 860,000 orphans in Rwanda, as last reported by unicef.  The 1994 genocide, AIDS, and hard living conditions account for much of that number.   Forty-five of them, from the streets of Kigali, Rwanda, are fortunate to [...]

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Child Soldiers – Lost Youth in the Congo

In times of armed conflict, children are among the most vulnerable - as victims, hostages and worse.During the genocide in Rwanda, one million people were killed in the span of one-hundred days.The killers did not discriminate;men, women, or children, any who were identified as from the “wrong” ethnicity were killed. With the fall of the [...]

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