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Sunset on Haiti’s Caribbean Coast

When you hear the word Haiti, do you ever think of beautiful sunsets, clean beaches, and warm waters of the Caribbean? Have a stay at the L'Amitie Hotel, twenty minutes east of Jacmel. Count the steps from your room to the beach and a chair under a brightly colored umbrella. Order your favorite drink, have [...]

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School Girl in Sunglasses on Motorcycle – Cap Haitian, Haiti

School children on motorcycles are a common sight during the morning  commute in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Copyright 2013 Adam Bacher. All rights Reserved – Absolutely NO usage without prior authorization. On location photography, Portland Oregon photographer Adam Bacher.

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School Children in Lory, Haiti.

All of the children at the Lory school, Haiti, were treated today at a mobile medical clinic run by a small team of doctors and medical professionals from the U.S.  For the past seven years the HACAOT medical team has come to Haiti for one week each November.  Over 600 people in the village of [...]

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On Location – Photography in Haiti: Mobile Medical Clinic in Rural Village of Dondon

Waiting for care is a photographic essay of people waiting to be treated at a one day mobile medical clinic in the village of Dondon, Haiti.  All the photographs were taken on November 9th, 2011.  This collection of 13 images has recently been accepted to the Social Documentary website, dedicated to using the power of [...]

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Timbers Army – The Gift of Soccer

“A hero is a kid who accepts responsibility to uplift herself in the most adverse conditions, maintains herself, and really does succeed in changing her life.” - Boby Duval The past two years Timbers Army (supporters of Portland Timbers professional soccer team), and Far Post Soccer Supply, made generous donations of soccer balls and apparel for children in [...]

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Haiti Mobile Healthcare Clinic

An open stairway climbs the outside back wall of a church in the village of Lorie, in rural northern Haiti. It leads to a low abutting roof, a gap in mason covered wood slats, and a view into the church. In November 2012, the church was transformed into a medical clinic run by the Haitian [...]

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Soccer in Haiti – History in the Making?

El Toro and L’Athletique d’Haiti players on field at soccer match in Pétionville, Haiti. The larger paths of history are often unrecognizable at origin.  November 10th, 2012, may have been one of those times. The question remains – will the moment be seized now or later.  Either way change is inevitable. […]

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Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

Reminders from the 3 days of torrential rain in southern of Haiti are many, compliments of Hurricane Sandy.  A week before striking New York City, Sandy was parked just east of Haiti, sucking water from the Caribbean and dumping it back over the land.  It was worst in the south, with upwards of 20 inches [...]

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Photography in Haiti

Sister Denise Desil with the Little Sisters of St. Thérèse. For the month of November I’ll be doing humanitarian photography work Haiti.  Tomorrow morning, Sister Denise Desil, a nun from the Little Sisters of St. Thérèse, will pick me up at the Port Au Prince airport.  Founded in Haiti in 1948, the Little [...]

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Happy 4th of July

Portraits of Haiti - Patient at Lorie clinic. Native Americans and Alaskans account for 1.2% of the U.S. population. The rest of us are immigrants.   HAPPY 4th of JULY!   This woman was one of 1500 patients treated in five days at a mobile healthcare clinic in Haiti, run by the U.S based [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Cow Intestines

In the back of the Point Sande Market, along the Artibonite River in Haiti, a woman hangs cow intestines on a line to dry in the sun.  Citrus juice from sour oranges is commonly used to clean many types of meat, including this - inside and out.  Once dry the intestines are cut up and [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Soccer in Cité Soleil

Cité Soleil is the poorest most dangerous area of Port Au Prince.  Twenty years ago Robert Duval went to Cité Soleil and established the Foundation L' Athlitique d' Haiti, teaching sports, and providing meals and schooling for many of the children.  Full story to come. Copyright 2011 Adam Bacher, All rights reserved. Absolutely NO usage [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Elder Abandonment

Her face pulled attention for a photograph.  Local vendors and their story drew wonderment.  The old woman often accompanied her daughter, a regular seller at the Pont Sondet market, along the Artibonite River in Haiti.  They arrived in mornings from the northern area of Haiti’s central plateau, worked the market all day, and left before [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Battle of Vertières Day

Haiti's ultimate independence from France was won in The Battle of Vertieres, a site now part of the city of Cap Haitian.  Historians tell that on November 18th, 1803, the leader of the Haitian rebels, General François Capois, mounted a great horse and led the charge against the French army.  In a hail of bullets [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Citadel Cistern from Bottom

The Citadel is a fortress built on a mountain top in northern Haiti after the revolution in 1804 to defend against any French attempt to retake the former colony.  Inside are cisterns built to retain enough drinking water to sustain Haitian troops for up to a year.  This photo was taken at the bottom of [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – Midwife of Lorie Village

Bernadette Joseph is a  traditional Haitian midwife working in the Lorie Village area of northern Haiti.  The following is from an interview I did with her last week.   Q: What’s your name and what do you do? A:  They call me Bernadette Joseph.  When the women are pregnant I deliver the babies. Q: How long [...]

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Portraitsof Haiti – What’s Coming Up

The mobile medical clinic members (less six interrupters and a Haitian doctor), pose for a photo after 5 days of clinics which treated 1,480 people.  I'm on the far left. The team is now back in the United States. Tomorrow is a national holiday. Haitian President, Michel Martelly, will be in Cap Haitian in [...]

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Portraits of Haiti – HACAOT Saves Boy’s Life

This boy arrived to the HACAOT mobile medical clinic in severe respiratory distress.  He was immediately taken from the waiting crowd, and given a nebulizer to open the airways in his lungs (photo below).  A doctor worked with him for two and half hours.  Each time the nebulizer was removed he went into respiratory failure. [...]

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Portraits of Haiti: 2 School Girls from Cap Haitian

  "We play with little plates and little cooking pots and little cups. We have little cooking utensils that go in the houses. We pretend to eat." They have tea parties - just like our children. (click this link for slides and video) Copyright 2011 Adam Bacher, All rights reserved. Absolutely NO usage without prior [...]

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Portraits of Haiti: Lorie Soccer Team

In the red shirt holding the ball is the captain of the soccer team for the village of Lorie, 30 minutes from Cap Haitian, and the north coast of Haiti.  He's one of the 515 people treated in two days in the village of Lorieby a mobile health care clinic, run by the Haitian Caribbean [...]

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Portraits of Haiti: Mary Fargen – HACAOT Team Member and 2011 Physician Assistant of the Year Award Winner

At 6:00 am Monday morning a team of 18 doctors, nurses, clinicians, and founding members of the Haitian Caribbean American Organization of Texas  (HACAOT), will  leave for the first of five days to different regions of  Cap Haitian, the second largest city in Haiti.  Each day the group will set up and break down a [...]

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Photojournalism in Haiti

On November 6th I fly into Port Au Prince, Haiti, volunteering a month of my time to create new photography, video and writing, for two non-profits working tirelessly in the country; a small organization, the Haitian and Caribbean Organization of Texas (, and a much  larger one, Partners In Health ( With HACAOT, I’ll be [...]

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