This collection of photographs is from the building of Kigali Parents Secondary School, in Kigali, Rwanda. Building in the developing word is labor intensive.  It’s rare to see construction equipment and vehicles.  The following images are of concrete being mixed, transported, and poured for the second floor of the school.

Mixing ingredients to make cement for the 2nd floor of Kigali Parents Secondary School.

Mixing cement.

After adding water, the dry ingredients are shoveled into the mixer.

Wet cement is emptied on the ground where it will be put into containers and carried to floor site.

Cement is carried from the mixing site, up the ramp and to the left for emptying into place.


Sometimes containers of cement are carried on the shouldier.

Both men and women do the heavy lifting.

The majority of works carry the cement on their heads.

Walking up the ramp requires strength and balance.

Once up, workers walk on a planks to avoid damaging the reinforcing metal lattice set into the floor.

The same plank paths are used for coming and going on and off the floor.

At the final off load site, Buckets come down and are dumped into place.

Time to empty their load, go back down the ramp, and do it all over again.

In the final phase, the cement is smoothed out and left to dry.


The art of the cement pour at Kigali Parents Secondary School, Rwanda.



The building of Kigali Parents Secondary School is being helped by the Portland, Oregon, non-profit Itafari Foundation.  If you’re interested in helping this effort please visit,

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