Quadruplet girls bring four times the joy.

Quadruplets, Butaro Hospital - Partners in Health, Burera District, Rwanda.

Quadruplets, Butaro Hospital – Partners in Health, Burera District, Rwanda.

From five to nine children. Butaro Rwanda,  quadrouplets,

From five to nine children. Butaro Rwanda, quadrouplets,











During the month of April 2009, at the Butaro Hospital in rural northern Rwanda,  an ultrasound of a 20th week pregnant woman showed she was carrying twins.  Three months later she returned to the hospital to be seen for a persistent cough.   The timing couldn’t have been better  as she went into full labor before leaving the facility.  Her large abdomen warranted a new ultrasound which revealed the presence of a third child.  All three were delivered successfully, followed by the unexpected delivery of a fourth.

The chances of naturally giving birth to quadruplets in this region is less than 1 in 800,000.  Even rarer, these babies shared a single placenta, the odds of which are around 1 in 10 million.

On December 1st I was invited to visit the four and a half month old quadruplet girls.  Beautiful, happy, and healthy, with two proud parents and 5 older siblings, the four babies are a joyous sight.  The former family of 7 has adjusted to becoming a household of 11, and the government of Rwanda has stepped up to provide extra services including two new cows to provide milk for family.


Adam Bacher
Adam Bacher
When your vision becomes a reality, how will you tell your story? I’m a commercial photographer and photojournalist based in Portland, Oregon, since 1991. I specialize in commercial location photography for businesses. The majority of this work is for architectural, corporate, editorial, and public relations clients, and appears in a variety of print and electronic media. You can view samples online at: www.adambacher.com. Since 2007 I’ve been taking a month each year to devote my time towards humanitarian missions. Three trips have taken me to Rwanda, for a project documenting the countries recovery from the genocide in 1994, which claimed the lives of one-million people in the course of 100 days. Images and stories from the places I visited are featured on my blog site at: www.bachersblog.com. This November, I’m going to Haiti for 4 weeks, to help two non-profits working tirelessly to save and rebuild lives following the earthquake in 2010. As well as donating my still and video images, I plan to create a traveling print exhibit, and a multi-media educational presentation to build awareness and remind us of Haiti's needs. If you’re interested in project please see this link: http://igg.me/p/44329?a=249927&i=shlk My commercial work makes this humanitarian effort possible. I exhibit and speak nationally, offering a provocative visual and journalistic insight into contemporary Rwanda and the recovery, reconciliation, and reconstruction of the of the country. This message of hope, peace, and diversity, has been enthusiastically received at peace conferences, corporate gatherings, and in public schools. Specialties All aspects of location photography including: Architectural, Corporate, Editorial, People, Public Relations, Travel and Photojournalism. .
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  • fridah

    i love the babies!!!!may God be with this family to help them provide for the kids!!fridah

  • Steven

    The story and the pictures are simply beautiful! Thank you for your email as well. I am glad that the Rwandan government has stepped up and provided support.

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