Clinton to Clinton – Mission Accomplished

This afternoon William Clinton, from Kigali, Rwanda, received a signed photograph from U.S. President William Clinton.

William Clinton - Rwanda, receives signed photo from President William Clinton - United States.

William Clinton – Rwanda, holding signed photo from President William Clinton – United States.

Last January while photographing a micro finance story for Rwanda’s Coojad cooperative bank,  I met a bartender named William Clinton.  Leaving with his email in hand, I planned to send him a photo of President William Clinton, when I returned to the United States.  If only I hadn’t lost the email.  Then I had an idea.

In October I made a 5×7 print with photos of the two Clintons side by side, and sent it to a good friend who works for the Clinton  Foundation, in New York city.  He passed it on to President Clinton.   How wonderful it would be, I wrote to the president, if I could bring to the Rwandan William Clinton a signed photograph from the U.S. William Clinton.  It never hurts to ask.  I believe my wife thought I was crazy, until the signed photo came in the mail shortly before I left for Rwanda.

Today I completed my mission.  Thank you President Clinton!  You scored big with your Rwandan namesake.

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Adam Bacher
Adam Bacher
When your vision becomes a reality, how will you tell your story? I’m a commercial photographer and photojournalist based in Portland, Oregon, since 1991. I specialize in commercial location photography for businesses. The majority of this work is for architectural, corporate, editorial, and public relations clients, and appears in a variety of print and electronic media. You can view samples online at: Since 2007 I’ve been taking a month each year to devote my time towards humanitarian missions. Three trips have taken me to Rwanda, for a project documenting the countries recovery from the genocide in 1994, which claimed the lives of one-million people in the course of 100 days. Images and stories from the places I visited are featured on my blog site at: This November, I’m going to Haiti for 4 weeks, to help two non-profits working tirelessly to save and rebuild lives following the earthquake in 2010. As well as donating my still and video images, I plan to create a traveling print exhibit, and a multi-media educational presentation to build awareness and remind us of Haiti's needs. If you’re interested in project please see this link: My commercial work makes this humanitarian effort possible. I exhibit and speak nationally, offering a provocative visual and journalistic insight into contemporary Rwanda and the recovery, reconciliation, and reconstruction of the of the country. This message of hope, peace, and diversity, has been enthusiastically received at peace conferences, corporate gatherings, and in public schools. Specialties All aspects of location photography including: Architectural, Corporate, Editorial, People, Public Relations, Travel and Photojournalism. .
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