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Orphans and Vulnerable Children – Rwanda

Shelter and food are provided for orphans by the non-profit, OVC-Rwanda, in Kigali.

There are an estimated 860,000 orphans in Rwanda, as last reported by unicef.  The 1994 genocide, AIDS, and hard living conditions account for much of that number.   Forty-five of them, from the streets of Kigali, Rwanda, are fortunate to receive even minimal care, in an orphanage run by the nonprofit,  OVC Rwanda.

In the shadow of the downtown business center, overlooking a slum area of Kigali,  the orphanage is in a desperate state of disrepair.  It’s founders and community members are unable to raise appropriate funds to update the structure beyond four walls and a roof, supply needed school books, and at times provide enough food for the children.

At the top of the hill, Kigali city center is prominent.


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Child Soldiers – Lost Youth in the Congo

In times of armed conflict, children are among the most vulnerable – as victims, hostages and worse.During the genocide in Rwanda, one million people were killed in the span of one-hundred days.The killers did not discriminate;men, women, or children, any who were identified as from the “wrong” ethnicity were killed.

With the fall of the […]

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