School Children in Lory, Haiti.

All of the children at the Lory school, Haiti, were treated today at a mobile medical clinic run by a small team of doctors and medical professionals from the U.S.  For the past seven years the HACAOT medical team has come to Haiti for one week each November.  Over 600 people in the village of […]

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A Day in the Life of Rwandan Children: October 1st, 2007

At 5:30 in the morning, myself and an interpreter were dropped off by motorcycle taxi to a family’s house. Their children are sponsored by the Portland, Oregon, based Itafari Foundation.  Unreachable by car,  transportation within the village is on foot or by an old gearless bikes for the lucky few.  I spent my time there following and photographing,“the day in the life” of two children, brother and sister.

Sunrise – an hour after I arrived to Claudette’s house.

It was dawn when we arrived at Claudette’s house. Her 16 year old brother, Justin, and two children, John Claude (8), and Naomie (10), were already awake. The children were finishing the first of their morning routines, taking the chickens out of the house and putting them in mud walled pen outside. At night the chickens sleep inside to avoid theft.

This chicken wanted to come back in.

The family I was with are among the most impoverished in Rwanda. Where they live has no running water, and no electricity. Their house was made of mud and bricks with a fabricated sheet of metal for a roof.  The floors were the hard red dirt common to this part of Africa.

John Claude boils water for breakfast in the kicthen, a cooking area on the side of the house.


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Building Kigali Parents Secondary School.

This collection of photographs is from the building of Kigali Parents Secondary School, in Kigali, Rwanda. Building in the developing word is labor intensive.  It’s rare to see construction equipment and vehicles.  The following images are of concrete being mixed, transported, and poured for the second floor of the school.


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Vision – To look at something and see what it might become.

I have been in Rwanda for just under a month, and find myself captivated by the spirit and beauty of the people. I feel blessed to be here, and as much as I miss my family, I am sad to be leaving tomorrow.

Rwanda is a country filled with vision.I’m a […]

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A Rite of Passage – Charlotte Defends her Dissertation

Charlotte is a survivor of the genocide and a person of incredible resilience. She is a young woman who is dear to Victoria Trabosh, President of The Itafari Foundation. Charlotte “is like a daughter,” she says.Vicky met her on her first trip to Rwanda in 2005.Like many, Charlotte suffered great losses in the genocide; […]

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