Make your first impression your best impression.

Adam Bacher, Portland Oregon photographer, specializes in location photography for corporate, commercial, editorial, advertising, architectural and health care clients.  Whether the project is small or large, he works with clients as a collaborator and consultant, not just a vendor taking pictures.  Strong images telling the right stories are crucial for sales, marketing, corporate identity, and public relations.  The value of using Adam over other photographers comes from the approach, experience, and skills he brings to the table.

Adam Bacher is known nationally for his outstanding location photography, attention to detail, and extraordinary customer service. His sense of composition and lighting, his ability to establish rapport, and his sensitivity to diverse subjects place Adam’s photographs first – to capture the essence of his clients’ needs. Adam is available now to consult with you, and set up at your photography location.  Whatever your desires, he will exceed your expectations.

Based in Portland, Oregon for 21 years, photography clients and assignments have taken him from local, to national, to international locations.  His photography is used by businesses for advertising, promotion, marketing, public relations, sales and collateral needs.

 Contact: 503-281-3777,